How To Talk To Your Child About Difficult Topics: Parenting The Heart

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How To Talk To Your Child About Difficult Topics: Parenting The Heart is class 5 of HOW TO START PARENTING THE HEART OF YOUR CHILD: FREE PARENTING CLASS

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I am thrilled that you have stayed with this challenge!

Because here’s the thing…..

Doing things God’s way may not be easy, but it is always right.

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I believe these topics in this challenge are the core of parenting in a “faith lived out’ way. 

When our kids see us love Jesus. When they are being taught God’s word, how to pray, godly values and character. When they see us care for their hearts and their relationship with God. When they are able to grow and share and let their hearts feel safe with us…

We are giving them the biggest gift we can as parents!

I know there has been lots of info, but I pray it has been helpful info.

Bookmark this page. Refer back as needed. Whenever you need a reminder of how to parent the heart of your child use these posts! Continue to work on your heart based parenting one step at a time – God is so faithful in it.

Today in class Number 5 we’ll look at How To Talk To Your Child About Difficult Topics: Parenting The Heart

Are you ready to end this challenge well? First, let’s check in.

Did you find ONE way to ask why yesterday?

How did it go? Make sure to let me know! I am loving the responses received so far – what a blessing!

Ok so I saved the best or you could say hardest for last. A lot of times that’s how it works right? The “hard” done through Christ ends up being the best way…..

How much is too much to share with my child on the tough topics?

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Mom, you’re not alone.

I get this question a couple of times a week. It’s tough navigating parenting these days with all of the hard in life that they are faced with. 

The statistics of what our children are confronted with in our culture and when they are being exposed to them are staggering.

Here is the tough answer.

YOU want to be the source. 

I don’t know about you Mom, but If they are going to find out, I want to be the one to tell them. Why?

#1 Because I can point them to the true source and bring it back to God’s word.

#2 I am creating a heart connection, with my child, that bond and safe place that they can go to for ANYTHING. 

We have a no topics off limits policy. 

Now it’s up to you to gauge how to talk to your child about difficult topics by looking at 3 things.

Their age is one factor, yes, but keep in mind even Kindergarteners are very willing to share things they may have learned through pop culture.

Their maturity. Each of our children are different. Some have more sensitive hearts and some a greater level of discernment. You know your child best.

– Their environment.  I have talked to Moms with kids in public, private school and homeschool – no kids are exempt.

Yes, some environments may provide you a little more time but please don’t rely on that! Many Mom’s I know have been disappointed by thinking the environment provided time.

Your neighborhood, your church or even extended family are also things to consider.

Sometimes, as we have been, you don’t really have the option to wait because of a situation.

Then you need to either step in and be the source or be ok with them finding out another way.

I don’t say this to scare you.

God has really blessed this area so much for us when we stepped out and brought it all back to God’s word. I believe He will for you too!

As you probably know, God’s word and prayer are the biggest pieces to figuring out what this looks like as the parent of your child. Remember He is faithful and He loves them even more than you do!

Today I’m including some resources to guide you as you think, pray and process. Pick at least one difficult topic. Begin praying about talking with your child.

or take a look at our tween parenting series here or raising godly girls series here!

But don’t stop there!!

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Once you have chosen a topic please tell someone. Accountability is a good thing remember? 🙂

Leave a comment and tell me your plan, send me an email or text in the messenger chat in the bottom right corner. Tell a friend or join us in the Like Minded Musings Imperfect Moms Private Facebook Group for accountability, connection and encouragement we would love to help you navigate this well!

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Joining you in the in’ between,

O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul; You have redeemed my life. Lamentations 3:58

Short on Time? Read This Later! DOWNLOAD This Post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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