How To Start Parenting The Heart Of Your Child: Free Parenting Class


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An imperfect work in progress.

I don’t know about you, but that’s what I am.

It describes me as a believer, as a wife, and if we’re honest with each other as a parent.

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Thankfully our loving heavenly father knows that well. He doesn’t just order us around and leave us in our imperfections to “figure it out”. He parents our hearts intentionally through a relationship with Him. Using the Bible, prayer, our life experiences and the people around us, He grows us.  And yes, He uses those small humans in our home (who we love and call our children) to reach our hearts in ways like no other!

If God is intentional in parenting our hearts, then why shouldn’t we parent the heart of our child?

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With the first of our 5 children, it became obvious {quickly} that I needed help. My attempts at parenting the behavior (and not the heart) were not working. And she was only 3 going on 4.

How would I make a lasting connection now that would allow me to continue to build Godly character into her as she grew? Could I really prevent (or stop) the attitude, back talk,  lack of respect and more that is supposed to be a “trademark” of being a tween and teen?

I knew nothing else to do but go to God’s word, prayer and google. I didn’t know what heart-based parenting was. I just knew I needed help from the one who knew my children best, the God who created them and loves them even more than I do. I also knew I needed practical help.

Maybe you’re here and you have heard of heart-based parenting. You’re piecing things together, wondering what it all means.

Or you are familiar with the concept but find yourself asking How Do I Parent The Heart Of My Child?

Possibly you, much like me, know only what is NOT working and you’re looking for another option.

No matter where you are today Mom, I am here to help. I want to come alongside you and encourage you in parenting the heart of your child!

How To Start Parenting The Heart Of Your Child: Free Parenting Class

Sign up and join me {Lee Felix} for a FREE 5 part online parenting class! We will dive into what I have found to be the key pieces needed to set a firm foundation in parenting. There will be a short post each session to equip and challenge you, and our Private Imperfect Moms Facebook Community for encouragement and accountability {not required but we would love to see you there!}.

But here’s the thing,  I also want to stretch you and encourage you to apply what you are learning. There are a couple of questions each session that I would like you to come back and answer. Don’t worry, it won’t be too painful – wink!

Together we will look at:

  1. The Best Place To Start In Parenting The Heart Of Your Child
  2. Scared to Pray When Parenting The Heart Of Your Child?
  3. How To Communicate When Parenting The Heart Of Your Child
  4. What Is Parenting The Heart Of Your Child Really?
  5. How To Tackle Hard Issues When Parenting The Heart Of Your Child

So what do you say? Will you come with me and take this next step in parenting intentionally? Whether you are the Mom of littles, tweens or teens I would love to have you join me! Sign up to receive the class prompts by email and hop over to our Imperfect Moms Private Facebook group here!

Joining you in the in’ between,


O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul; You have redeemed my life. Lamentations 3:58




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