Encourage My Tween’s Heart: A Character Building Printable Pack

Hi there!  I’ve been working on something I think you will be really excited about… and I am too for our family!

Often in parenting, we work hard on getting organized and focused in on the days and weeks tasks.

We put effort into planning our days to keep ourselves accountable to all that is going on around us and well, at least somewhat sane!

While these are all fantastic and needed things, there is actually something even more important…

ahh, those people’s hearts 🙂

Those little people that have teachable, moldable hearts that are still in our care. I don’t know about you, but I have had plenty of times where I started off the week with great heartfelt intention. I was going to be diligent in both building character and parenting my children’s hearts. But I had no plan.

And then Tuesday came… um yeah.

Well, I am here to help!

If you’re not aware, we love tweens around here. We are in the thick of it with a pocket full of pre-teens ourselves! That naturally brings up lost of tween talk. The good and the hard.

I have taken our biggest areas of tween parenting struggle and put together an Encourage My Tween’s Heart: Character Building Printables Pack to help us all win their hearts each week!

We can take our good intentions of focusing on building up their hearts and pair it with a little planning for the week to guide us along!

And the beauty is that it won’t take much time out of your already busy schedules (although I know you’re saying it would be worth it if it did anyway -it’s their hearts after all 🙂

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Here’s what you’ll get:


Here is where you will take a few minutes to be intentional in what you are going to work on this week.

You will write down the following:

Then you can plan out on the lines on the left, what days you are going to show them the actions, what day/s you will pray the verse for them and what day/days you will pray for the heart challenges they are going thru.

Also, you can note which day they will do the pick from the Ways to Serve Printable too!

The Heart Planner is your hub for the little intentional steps you will take each day that will have an eternal impact on winning your child’s heart!


This printable includes a verse each for 7 of the “top Tween disobedience complaints” that these tween parents are saying they are frustrated with. Not familiar with using scripture to discipline? There is also great post and resource on disciplining with scriptures  here.


This printable has 21 ideas of affirmations of the heart that you can use to encourage your tween. You can certainly tell them or write it in a bedtime note – my favorite!


There are 22 questions included on this printable to ask your child and get the conversation flowing. Pick on to write down on the planner each week.


Grouped by the age of the Tween child, this printable has age appropriate chore ideas that ours have done. It can help to give you the confidence to have them try something new or to change up your current routine – Note to self we need to do that! Not sure if shores go along with parenting the heart? We believe so! They learn so many things when they do regular chores and look for other ways to serve.

Not sure if chores go along with parenting the heart? We believe so! They learn so many things when they do regular chores and look for other ways to serve.


Ideas big to small are included on this printable. 24 in all. They can pick something each week to focus on and you can track on your planner checklist!


This is a format that our tweens have found useful and use regularly. It covers things they are thankful for, Answered prayer and current prayers or prayer requests.


This pretty printable wall art has Proverbs 22:6 on it as a reminder and encouragement for the parents why you are doing what you are 🙂


Perfect for bedtime, lunchbox or on the mirror these verses are a reminder of God’s love for your daughter. Disclaimer: just the notes are available in our FREEBIES Hub if you want to join :)


Perfect for bedtime, lunchbox or backpack these verses are a reminder of God’s love for your son. Disclaimer: just the notes are available in our FREEBIES Hub also if you want to join 🙂


This printable includes a few of my favorite resources and some on tough topics like biblical sexuality and pure hearts. We also have three amazing posts on this here, here and here from our Blog Party! Start here at Day 1!

So There You Have It!

It’s all laid out for you, ready for you to download and start today! You can purchase it for just $5.95!

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What do you say? Are you joining me in this? Leave a comment and let me know – I would love to pray for you in it!!


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