3 Surprising Reasons to Say YES to Your Tween! – Day 25

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I have the privilege of helping to raise two tween girls who are not my own. They are 10 and 11, and I am immensely grateful to their mom for letting me join her in rearing her children. It sounds lovely to be a parent until you are neck-deep in sibling rivalry, the pushing of boundaries, and eye rolls to beat all eye rolls. Tween parenting is hard!

Tween parenting is hard!

So it comes as no surprise that many articles on tween parenting involve establishing boundaries and setting firm expectations. A colleague whose boys have reached college age echoed this advice:

“Middle school is hard for everyone,” she said. “It’s a weird time. But if you lay a good foundation of discipline for doing homework and enforce your expectations for how they are to handle their social skills, it will only help them to be ready for high school. Trust me. You will survive!”

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It is good advice from a mom who has successfully navigated tween parenting.

And yet, I long for more in these parent-tween relationships, as does just about every parent!

Maybe because I am older than your average parent of tweens, I have found great value in saying YES to these tween girls.

YES? Yes.

3 Surprising Reasons to Say YES to Your Tween! - Day 25 | Like Minded Musings

Hear me clearly: I am writing this the same week that we limited TV viewing, held firm on the rule to not have phones in bedrooms at night, and sent one of the tweens to her room, which she finds incalculably worse than being forced to eat her vegetables. At the same time, their drive for independence (but don’t even think about taking away their stuffed animals) is crying out for us to occasionally and cheerfully say YES.

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Saying YES to tweens’ requests

  • conveys trust,
  • opens up dialog, and
  • builds relationship.

My hope and prayer is that all of this builds a foundation for the coming teen years when the issues will be even more challenging than what we face now. When uncertainty about sexual relations, drugs, and social media occur, will our teens feel safe coming to us for guidance?

By saying YES in these tween years, we convey trust in our tweens’ decision-making, we make space for conversation, and we build a lasting relationship.

So this week, along with disciplining, I also said YES to bumping the volleyball in the back yard when I really wanted to keep planting my garden. I said YES to going on a bike ride before school when that wasn’t exactly on my agenda. I even said YES to ordering a gallon of glue and helping to host a slime-making party. (You have to seriously love Amazon Prime for delivering a gallon of glue to your doorstep the very next day.)

Three adults and two tweens holding slime of various colors

You know what? We’ve had an absolute blast! Tween parenting can be fun!

Playing back yard volleyball opened up opportunities for honest conversation. The 10-year-old who wanted to bike every morning was not aiming for a long workout. She was looking for quality time together, just her and me. We have loved those early morning rides together.

And the 11-year-old, who led us in slime-making, felt empowered and finally valued for her creativity and industriousness. She’s been making slime for weeks, and we’ve been reluctantly putting up with it. Come to find out, slime is so cool! I actually had not made it myself, but by joining in her endeavor, I came to understand its appeal. No wonder it’s all the rage!

Yes, as part of tween parenting, we must establish boundaries and set expectations. But saying YES when it is possible opens incredible opportunities to convey trust, open up dialog, and strengthen relationships for the teen years that are to come.

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What can you say YES to this week?

What a wonderful encouragement and needed reminder in the midst of our parenting and often busy lives! I know there are seasons where I have felt all I do is say No. It can be such a blessing to us all to say YES instead and let God work!

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3 Surprising Reasons to Say YES to Your Tween! - Day 25 | Like Minded Musings


Short on Time? Read This Later! DOWNLOAD This Post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

6 thoughts on “3 Surprising Reasons to Say YES to Your Tween! – Day 25”

    • I agree “the yes helps them handle the no’s better!” I was so blessed by this post too! I often feel like the Mom who always says no 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  • I cringe at the idea of Yes… because it requires my selfish mind to be humble. In saying yes i am saying I care more about you than my VERY LONG to do list.

    But I love saying Yes because of all the reasons you said above. Plus it gives them safe space to grow and make mistakes and learn from them in our home (as apposed to on their own with no safety net). I have been saying yes to cooking lately and watching her learn what works and what doesn’t work in a safe way.

    Thanks for the encouragement to keep going in this direction… there are days I question my sanity – and then another mom speaks things like this into it and I feel empowered to keep on!
    in HIM,

    • Tiffany,

      Thanks for your note! Even though I believe strongly in it, I still sometimes find it hard to say yes. Like with your example of saying yes to cooking, they make such a mess! 🙂 But, like you said, we are giving them a chance to try and fail in a safe environment. Blessings on your parenting today. It’s Friday! I don’t know if that helps in the world of parenting. lol

  • Thanks, Sara! It is interesting to me that it was freeing to write this post, too. Writing it down helped confirm the importance of saying YES and just spending time with our tweens. I often spend my quiet moments thinking about how I’ve failed them, how I could have handled a situation differently, how I should do this or that in terms of discipline. Sometimes just BEING with them is what they need most, and there’s no self-judgment in that!
    Christine Drews recently posted…Tween Parenting: 3 Surprising Reasons to Say YES to Your Tween!My Profile

  • Oh this is the best post! Sometimes I get so caught up in the NOs and the boundaries — which are important, of course. I almost feel like I have to hide the times that I give in and say yes. This is such a freeing post and also a good reminder that I want to relax and have fun with my kids, too. These years are going to go by so quickly. Also that saying yes sets an important stage for trust in the teen years. Thank you for saying that.
    Sara @ The Holy Mess recently posted…Simply the Best Gluten Free Brownies From a MixMy Profile

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