Praying For Your Tween Child’s Salvation


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This post was quite personal. It was shared on Mother’s Day. We have an amazing Mom who shared with us on the most important topic to a Mother’s heart. Praying for Your Tweens Salvation.

She gives you a transparent view of what this has looked like in her parenting journey of 24 years. She is the real deal. One who shares both God’s victories and her struggles and she is a true prayer warrior. I have seen her heart for praying for her tweens salvation. I have learned so much from her diligence as she battles in prayer for her children and others.  I am blessed to call her friend.

Praying for your tween child's salvation Like Minded Musings

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Raising our children, particularly when they are getting older and venturing into tweenhood, is by far the toughest. At least it seems that way when it starts. I have been there twice with two boys, on the tail end of it with my first daughter and in the midst of it with my second. We have survived. Through some things better than others.

The one thing that has made it possible is prayer…LOTS of it.

When God told us through Paul’s words in 1 Thessalonians 5 to “Pray constantly”, I have no doubt He knew that we parents, nearly 2000 years later, would need this particular direction. It should also be no surprise that prayer is part of the armor God so explicitly describes in Ephesians 6, where He tells us to “Pray at all times.” It is the significant part of being equipped for battle. The REAL battle.

Not the one with our tweens about clothing choices or remembering deodorant. Not the one over screen time or social media or how clean their rooms need to be. I mean the battle for our children’s salvation, which is the fight against the real enemy’s desire for them not to have it. Satan not only studies us but also lurks around studying our children. Creepy thought. But he knows as well as we do this stage of their lives is pivotal in how they will make their choices for living in the future. It is such a time of critical battle. One for which we need to be appropriately armed.

That armor comes from eternal resources. And, in the words of Richard A. Burr, founder of Pray-Think-Act Ministries, “Prayer Releases All Your Eternal Resources”.

Ok……so, the battle is on. So many things to pray about; good resources are necessary.

First, I use a prayer calendar (Focus on the Family magazine, Feb.2000) I have had for years. It reminds me of 31 key things with scripture to daily pray about for my children. I love Stormie Omartian’s books, particularly Power of a Praying Parent. It is another strong resource with a lot of scripture references to guide my prayers. I read and reference it frequently. I also now stop at any time and pray with my children, particularly when issues of poor character need to be addressed or we need reminders of thanksgiving.  And my family now gathers at the center of our home at the end of the day, and we pray.

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All of this is good application. But above all, my utmost, deepest desire for them is to receive and embrace salvation. I want “salvation to spring up within them (Isaiah 45:8), and l want them to “obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory(2 Timothy 2:10). It is my ultimate victory. I have learned that my preparation, perseverance, and determination to never surrender are the keys to my hope for that victory.

When my oldest was 9, I was a single parent at the time he was baptized. A few years later, I remarried and it was during their tween years that our middle two children also expressed interest in committing their lives to Christ. As we questioned them, it was clear that they were ready. My heart was full. My cup definitely ran over. Salvation accomplished.

However, I am more and more convicted that it’s never going to be a secure victory if I get distracted and stop fighting as soon as they gain salvation. You see, we are in a battle for their souls. Our real enemy is wanting to blind them just as much as we want them to see. He will stop at nothing, we must trust in God and continually renew our strength (Isaiah 40:31) to continue praying through the battle for our children.

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My conviction that the fight for their salvation never ends comes from experience.

My oldest is our prodigal. Not only is he momentarily lost to Christ, but he’s currently fighting a literal battle for his life as an addict. As an older teen, he left us to live with his father. My prayers for him didn’t stop, but they certainly weren’t intentional or specific. Sometime during those years, he lost his way. Satan was paying more attention than I was. In the past year, his struggles have increased and God revealed to me how terribly neglectful I had been. But because the Lord is who He is, it’s NEVER too late. I humbly began asking Him how and where to begin. God, in all his goodness, honored my request.

I was unpacking a box and found another little book of prayers by Stormie Omartian to pray specifically for your adult children and those became daily petitions, specifically at 5:19, the time of his birth. God provided some dear sisters and I continually enlist them to pray with me. When I get weary in the fight, I ask them to stand with me, holding up my arms as the battle rages, just as Aaron and Hur did for Moses until the Israelites completely defeated the Amalekites (Exodus 17).

Although a return to his salvation for my prodigal is yet to come, there are small, and certainly not insignificant victories. Prayer is being answered! I put my armor on daily and pray for all my children, tweens and beyond, “in the Spirit”, so I can “be on alert with all perseverance”. Ephesians 6:18

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Melissa Wood Mom Makes Art♥ Melissa Wood is a teaching artist and Christian mom of 4 children, ages 24, 14, 12, and 10. She has a bachelor’s degree in art and a masters degree in teaching. Along with homeschooling her youngest 3 children for 8 years, she’s been teaching art for people of all ages for the past 22 years. She’s currently teaching at 2 homeschool co-ops and at the Louisville Creative Arts Academy, a program for homeschoolers gifted in the creative arts. ♥

You can find Melissa on Mom Makes Art Facebook Page as well as Instagram!

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If you have someone like this in your life, you are blessed! I could not be more thankful than to have a whole pack of them 🙂 If you don’t, pray for someone that you can learn from! Someone that will do battle in prayer for their children and yours. Reach out to someone even if it’s uncomfortable and ask them to pray. It will have an eternal impact on your tweens life!



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