How To Start Bible Journaling For Under $10!


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How to Start Bible Journaling for Under 10 Like Minded Musings

I don’t know about you, but when I go to the auto mechanic for a car repair, I want to know both ends of the spectrum.

What I need to pay for to get the car fixed and what I could pay for to get it running in top shape. Then I am free to decide based on budget, time and use.

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Today we are taking that approach towards your Bible Journaling Supply List.

I’m going to show you how I got started for under $10 with new supplies. Then I will also give you some other “upgrade” options to choose from depending on your skill level and budget.

But first, you will want to think through what you really need compared to where you are at in your journey. There are so many options and you can go as minimal or as in depth as you choose. We will start with the basics.

Are you a Bible Journaling Beginner who wants to just try it out?

To get started you truly only need a Bible, Pencil, Pen and any notebook. But if you want to make it a little more fun and colorful here’s what I did.

Basic Bible Journaling Supplies Under 10 Dollars Like Minded Musings

Yes, for this budget it involved a trip to the local Dollar Store, but that’s not your only option. Many of the stores with dollar bins or Michaels or Joann’s sales + coupons could keep your costs super low on the basic items!

Here was our shopping list:

I am personally not opposed to writing, drawing, underlining etc in my Bible. But I do completely understand if you are – which you could then use a companion journal or notebook instead. My Bible though is 18 years old and falling apart (which I oddly love) SO I opt to use a companion notebook until I get more comfortable. Then I may get a Journaling Bible.

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At the Dollar Store, I was surprised to find they had a KJV Bible I also picked up as a spare! ( Note: The pages are more grey and not thin so drawing on the page versus tracing through is what needs to be done with that one but I was still surprised )

Companion Notebook
I also picked up a 9 x 12 in Doodle Pad and a 4 x 6 white notepad as companion notebooks

Colored Pencils
I picked up a pack of 8 colored mechanical pencils at Dollar Store. This was a great score! They write and erase well.

A 4 pack of angled Hi-Lighters. These were a great size and I like the angle for highlighting and coloring.

1 pack of 2 Black Ink Roller Ball Tip Pens. The tips were a bit big but didn’t have to worry about bleed thru since I’m journaling in a notebook so they did the trick.

Washi Tape
1 pack of 7 Mini Washi Tapes. At first, I was hoping for the regular sized Washi Tapes, but when I got these home I really like that they were thin. It gave us lots of flexibility to use.

Watercolor Paints
1 Set with Brush. This was not a “need” for me because I don’t do much painting but it was a dollar so… we grabbed it.

Colored Gel Pens
1 pack of 4 colored gel pens. These pens were a great as well. Good size colorful and good amount of ink.

Total Price Paid = $9.00 Woohoo!

Side note: I would not personally buy crayons from the dollar store and the highlighters have been better than the regular markers but that’s my experience 🙂

I also used our own regular pencils we have on hand.

Possible Upgrades

Are you are more experienced, committed to Bible Art Journaling or naturally creative?

If so, I would still stick with the basics but a little higher quality.

Something like a Journaling Bible, Mechanical Pencils, Micron Pens, and Prismacolor Colored Pencils.

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If you would like a complete list with a FREE printable list, my friend Sara from The Holy Mess has a Bible Journaling Supply List for Beginners post you should read!

She also shares 10 Ways to Fix a Bible Journaling Mistake which is great for us all!

If $10 is all you have in your budget you too can start Bible Journaling with new supplies!

The sweetest part of this is that a small supply budget allows more room for other How to Bible Journaling Help!

This fantastic book by Rebecca Rios is available on Amazon- A Complete Guide to Bible Journaling: Creative Techniques to Express Your Faith. It would be great to pick up as a beginner or more advanced journalers as well!

If you want some practice with different types of lettering, this book Hand-Lettering for Everyone: A Creative Workbook is fun and good for the non-artist like me!

If you want to give Bible Journaling a try, but prefer someone to walk you through step-by-step I know just the resource 🙂

The Trust in the Lord Bible Journaling Kit will take you by the hand for a month of Bible Journaling and show you exactly what products you need, which verses to journal, and how to get started one simple step at a time.

We have been using the kit this month as a family and are loving it!

Trust in The Lord Bible Journaling Kit The Holy Mess Like Minded Musings Affiliate

As a busy Mom, I appreciate having everything laid out for me to dive in. And my kids have mostly taken over the kit during our study time 😃 But it’s ok, Mom will share!

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How to Start Bible Journaling for Under 10 Dollars Like Minded Musings

Here’s what is included:

30 Days Bible reading plan focused on trusting in the Lord
8 Bible verse coloring cards, great for giving away, Bible memory work, or practicing with new art supplies
4 Traceable margin strips/bookmarks – these also work in many planners.
2 pages of Quotes & Doodles (one of her most requested items!)
2 Calligraphy practice pages (also often requested)
2 Instructions sheets with step-by-step directions
1 Daily Journaling page – print as many as you need for yourself or your family!

You can get the Trust in the Lord Bible Journaling Kit with step by step help that you need + my basic Bible Journaling supplies list for a total of $30! That is an absolute deal.

With that my friend, I am confident that you would be off to a firm foundation for Bible Journaling!

You can get all the details on the kit here!

It’s also awesome to have support in your journey.

She has a Free exclusive FB group where she’s having flash giveaways, videos, tutorials and encouragement! I’m having a blast joining in with my family and would love to see you there.

So let me know, what questions do you have about Bible Journaling Supplies? If you are more experienced, what are your favorite supplies to use? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk to you soon!


O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul; You have redeemed my life. Lamentations 3:56


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