Why Start Bible Journaling with Kids?


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As Christian parents, we desire our kids to grow into their own personal relationship with the Lord. But we often get stuck on HOW to do that. If you are looking for ways to get your kids more involved in God’s word I have something for you to try!

Today let’s look at why you should start Bible Journaling with your kids! I’ve found many reasons but here’s my top three!

Why Start Bible Journaling with Kids?

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Bible Journaling Draws the Kids into God’s Word

The most important thing about Bible Journaling is to keep focused on God and the scriptures. The art and creative expression are a super fun bonus!

Bible Journaling allows us to narrow in on the verses and dig into the meaning. This way of doing it with them is fun and engaging! I will usually pick harder words or concepts (based on ages) and ask them questions as they are writing, drawing, coloring or decorating!

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Bible Journaling is a Great Way to do Family Devotions

Yes, I said those words, “family devotion”. It makes a lot of people super overwhelmed or nervous to consider doing family devotions.

We often have this idea that it needs to be a quiet organized time in order to “count”. Let me tell you ours looks nothing like that!

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We bring out the supplies (here’s my post on how to grab them for under $10) and they get started! They are quite busy journaling while responding and engaging to what I am reading and asking – and in my experience, it really helps it sink in for them!

Bible Journaling Helps Build Their Confidence in Bible Study


Even as adults we often wonder if what we are doing in our quiet time is “right”.

(By the way, spending time in God’s word is always right!)

Why to Start Bible Journaling With Kids Like Minded Musings

When we lack confidence the lies, overwhelm and condemnation can seep in to distract us. By starting our kids off on the right foundation, it helps build their confidence and grows them to the point of going at it on their own!

This has been awesome to see with our Bible Journaling.

Spending time in God’s word, asking questions, finding answers, all on a regular basis has helped them build confidence in being in the word. They have begun to own their time as personal with the Lord.

Still not sure?

My oldest daughter and I went on Facebook Live together in the Holy Mess Bible Journaling Group to share why and how to Bible Journal with kids!

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We’ve put the replay here on YouTube for you to take a look!

See? Not so scary right? 🙂

I will be the first to admit that I avoided Bible Journaling and Bible Journaling with Kids for quite a while! But, once I finally gave it a try, the benefits I listed above became clear to me!

If you want to give Bible Journaling a try, but prefer someone to walk you through step-by-step. The Trust in the Lord Bible Journaling Kit will take you by the hand for a month of Bible Journaling and show you exactly what products you need, which verses to journal, and how to get started one simple step at a time.

We have been using the kit this month as a family and we are loving it!

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Themed by verses that speak to Trusting in the Lord, this kit is an all in one package! And you can use it with kids of any age 🙂

Purchase your download today and make as many copies as your family needs. You can keep going back to the resources with different verses for years to come!

Get all of the details on the Trust in the Lord Bible Bible Journaling Kit by clicking here.

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It’s also awesome to have support in your journey.

She has a Free exclusive FB group where she’s having flash giveaways, videos, tutorials and encouragement! I’m having a blast joining in with my family and would love to see you there.

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Bible Journaling With Tweens

Last up, if you have a tween (ages 8-12yrs) and would like to dive into one lesson at a time delivered to your inbox each week, you can sign up for our FREE 10-week e-course <an Intro to Inductive Bible Study and Bible Art Journaling> right here! 


Need more encouragement?

Here’s my post on How To Start Bible Journaling For Under $10!

And The Why and How to Begin Bible Journaling as a Non-Artist

So I have to know, have you tried Bible Journaling with Kids before? Has this post sparked some ideas in you for the future? I pray it has.

Leave a comment below and let me know!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

You never know until you try right?

Talk to you soon!


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