On Mums Kids Jesus – How To Keep You Close To God As A Busy Mom

Do you often wonder where the day went when you finally crash at night?

Did today leave you thinking “what happened to my time with God?”

Are you in a spiritually dry place where you don’t feel like He is even near ?

Maybe you are in a rut with your quiet time because being a Mom is crazy busy and crazy hard?

Well friend, I have goood news today! You are not alone.

Over on MumsKidsJesus my friend Joanna asked 16 busy, blogging mums and moms to share how they stay close to God and I’m SO blessed to be included! 

These ladies share an honest peek into their day and relationship with the Lord.

Spoiler alert: It looks different for each person !! 

The ideas and resources shared will help you connect with God in your day-to-day as a mom whether you are trying to squeeze in 10 uninterrupted mins or if you are needing fresh inspiration for your time with the Lord.

I am so excited to share this encouragement with you today!

Hop on over to MumsKidsJesus and read this incredible post!

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