Destroy the Roots of Shame Based Living -The Lie of Unlovable

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Shame Digs in Deep

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From an early age it whispers lies that take root in our hearts.

I am Unlovable. No one would want me the way that I am.

If only I were better.

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We begin to believe the lie shame tells us and we start to train our thoughts, actions and reactions.

When we accept the lie of Unlovable as truth, we can begin to “wall up” our hearts towards others. Instead of being transparent and real, we put our best “masks” forward.

We become overly skeptical, critical and jealous. Most often we are untrusting of others. This can cause lack of true fellowship and result in loneliness- which circles back to the lie of Unlovable.

Sometimes when the root is so deep and painful we resort to withdrawing completely.

Yes, I’ve been there.


Equipped to Battle

We can’t combat the lies unless we identify them, and replace them with truth. 

And friend, the truth IS freeing – not condemning. Unlike the lie, it is uplifting and not burdensome.

To counteract the belief that we are Unlovable, we must look to Love.

The Bible tells us that God is Love 1 John 4:8 . He does not contradict Himself. God is Love and you, precious Daughter of the King, were created in the image of God!

God knows you more intimately than anyone does Jer 29:11. He formed you with perfect Love in your Mother’s womb Psalm 139:13. He cares deeply about all aspects of your life for He knows the number of hairs on your head Matt 10:30.

And what does He think of you?

His thoughts of you are precious and more numerous than grains of sand! Psalm 139:17

You were created by Love, in the image of God who is Love and designed to reflect His Love to others.

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Too Far Gone?

You are NOT Unlovable, too far gone or too messed up for the unending, saving Love of the Father who created you.

Still not sure? Maybe you’ve seen it put this way and you need a refresher from others named in the Bible.

Noah was a drunk.

Abraham was too old.

Jacob was a liar.

Joseph was abused.

Moses had a stuttering problem.

Gideon was afraid.

Samson was a womanizer.

Rahab was a prostitute.

David was an adulterer and a murderer.

Elijah was suicidal.

Jonah ran from God.

Peter denied Christ.

And the list goes on.

All were Loved not Unlovable and all used by God.

Please don’t forget that we are ALL dead in our sins, but God LOVES us so much He didn’t leave us there! So much that He sent His one and only Son to die for you and me,

not because we are Unlovable, because we are GREATLY LOVED.

The Secret to Uproot Unlovable

If you you’ve accepted God’s gift of salvation then you have unconditional Love thru Jesus Christ!

As I was once told – if we continue to believe the “lie of Unlovable” it’s like telling God that Christ’s sacrifice for us was not enough.

What the enemy doesn’t want you to know is that Unlovable doesn’t exist – it was cancelled out on the cross.


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I ask you to remind yourself today and every day that lie starts creeping in –

HE is enough. Christ dying for you is enough. He lives in you which means YOU are enough – as you are, in this very moment. You are completely Loved.

I pray you continually bring your bent & broken views of your Unlovable self and trade them in at the foot of the cross. Trade those ashes in for beauty. The beauty of the truth.

The truth that you are wholly loved and wholly complete in Him. You are chosen & precious in His eyes. You are adored.

Yes you are imperfect (as we all are) but you are being perfected thru Christ.

You ARE that one, the one who God Loves and longs for a deeper relationship with – despite it all.

I encourage you, let it go into His loving hands and leave it to Him to work out the rest. 

HE will do it when we surrender the lies of shame to Him. He is more than capable.

Need prayer for this battle? Email or comment – I would be honored to pray for you.

Update: ****************

So friend,  I’ve had a change of heart… in a good way! You see I’m all about things being actionable. There are so many good resources out there, but if there is no action then there is not any lasting change. For me it’s almost necessary to think through steps in order to see real change in my walk.

Since I appreciate when someone puts for the effort to create actionable steps, I just knew in my heart I needed to provide you with something too. God hasn’t let up since I wrote this post, so I went back and created a worksheet that is a good starting point to helping you battle Lie #1.

If you are already a subscriber, you have access- it’s in the Hub. If your’re not yet, then enter your email below and you’ll be in in no time! Thanks for your patience while God shows me what all of this is to look like!

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O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul;
You have redeemed my life.

Lamentations 3:58

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