Guest Post: Mentor Other Women? Who Me?

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Would you join me today as I share over on Blogs by Christian Women?

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Let’s look at why we should all consider Mentoring Other Women… It may not be what you think!

Yes friend, I really do mean you!

Mentor Other Women Who Me Lee Felix of Like Minded Musings on BCW

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No, it doesn’t matter that you are sitting there with one child at your feet crying and another climbing up onto the table.

It makes no difference that you have a pile of dishes in your kitchen sink that matches the height of your washed-and-dried-but-not-put-away laundry.

And it is ok that your never ending to-do list is increasing more than it’s ever decreased.

I believe God wants to use you to mentor other women!

The above scenarios were mine.

Then in the midst of life’s chaotic, beautiful mess, I felt God prompting my heart.

“Yes, I am asking YOU to mentor other women.”

Impossible I thought.

I would never have the knowledge, time or ability. How could I ever make an impact on another woman’s life or relationship with the Lord?

Find out on Blogs by Christian Women Today!

Short on Time? Read This Later! DOWNLOAD This Post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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