Why Your Pre-Teen Child Is In Crisis And What You Can Do About It

Why Your Pre-Teen Child is in Crisis Like Minded Musings

Warning: This post may contain alarming information about your pre-teen child or one you know. But I believe it’s necessary to share. God has opened my eyes and laid this on my heart. I can’t shake it. I’m learning to embrace that obedience for me looks like sharing information and helping you any way I can. But I won’t only… Read more »

The Ultimate Resource Kit for Your Tween Girl!

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The Ultimate Resource Kit For Your Tween Girl Pinterest

If you’re fighting the battle for your pre-teen daughters heart, we’re here to help! I’ve compiled a FREE list of 100’s of resources for you! *Please note: Affiliate links used in any of our posts are personal to us. We must use and love the products we recommend to you, our amazing community! We have to believe that they will serve you in… Read more »

Guest Post: 3 Reasons Your Words Matter To God

  What were the last words that cut into your life? I bet you could tell me friend and I’m sorry for your heart ❤️  Our words matter!  Very much. This is why I’m thankful to share over on Let’s Be Frank today.  We are looking at 3 Reasons Your Words Matter To God and the scripture to back that… Read more »

Guest Post: How To Handle Self-Love As A Christian

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How Are We To Handle Self-Love As A Christian- (2)

There is no shortage of advice in the world on how we should handle Self-Love. As women, it can be a tricky thing to navigate well. But how should we handle the Self-Love epidemic as Christian Women?  This week I am blessed to share over on Blogs By Christian Women where we are going to dive into this! Will you… Read more »

On Mums Kids Jesus – How To Keep You Close To God As A Busy Mom

16 Mom Mum Bloggers Share How They Stay Close To God

Do you often wonder where the day went when you finally crash at night? Did today leave you thinking “what happened to my time with God?” Are you in a spiritually dry place where you don’t feel like He is even near ? Maybe you are in a rut with your quiet time because being a Mom is crazy busy… Read more »