What To Do When Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

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In the world of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, how do we raise girls who know their worth?

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Thousands of pictures scroll before their eyes daily. How can we instill in them the barometer of what is a good picture to post and what is not?

First, we have our conscience. Deep down, moms know what is right and what is not. But its easy for those lines to become fuzzy and blurred. The stronger the personality of your teen, the easier it is to create guardrails that somehow have gaps.

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Our family used to live in Lake Arrowhead, California on a high mountain. In the wintertime, the road to the top become dangerously obscured by fog. In most areas, the guardrails protected drivers from being unable to see and plunging off the steep cliff. One night while following each other home, my husband and I got trapped in such thick fog we could not see the center line of the road. There were many places along the way where the guardrail gapped offering no protection. One wrong turn on a slick of ice could send us plunging to our death.

Terrified, I had only two guides: I followed the dimly lit white line on my right and followed my husband who traveled ahead of me.

In the fog, we cant see but a few feet in front of us. We have to trust the tail lights; we have to trust the white line on the darkened road. But one things for sure: its not good for there to be gaps in the guardrails. This was one of the reasons we moved off that mountain knowing our kids would become teenagers and would need to drive up and down that dangerous road concerned us.

We live in Texas now and some nights fill with fog of a different kind. Sometimes there are gaps in the guardrails or fuzzy lines and as parents we realize, this is not good for us or our children.

Ive been guilty of leaving gaps in the guardrails and allowing fuzzy lines.

So what is the will of God when it comes to boundaries with our kids?

The will of God is that we clearly mark the road out for them, putting protection on both sides.

Train your child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it(Proverbs 22:6).

Sometimes this means hard lines and clear boundaries. With the advent of social media, they often dont know the impact of their pictures published on the internet.

But we do. I do. It can be a tough pill to swallow as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Pictures say a lot about us. They are not who we are but they can tell others what we value. Since what we focus on gets bigger, when we post, we can teach our kids to ask themselves, Whats the focus here?A good way to help them see the focus is to have them ask their parents or grandparents, What do you think about me posting this picture? What do you see?

The truth is, usually teens ask their friends. But in our experience, Dads are the best source. Dads look through the lens of guidance. Dads are the ones we follow when the road gets foggy. Dads arent afraid to post guardrails and warn our children about the dangers in the gaps.

My husband looks through the male lens of leadership. Thats what Dads do: their hearts are made to provide protection, security, and safety for their families.

On the week of Fathers Day I say, when in doubt, ask Dad. Hopefully, he will lead you and guide you in the right way. Good dads will give you their honest opinion, reinforce the guardrails and guide you to safety.

This is the will of God: that a man covers his family. And theres protection under cover.

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