Growing in Faith, Hope and Wholeness from the Darkness of Depression – Episode 1


Growing in Faith, Hope, and Wholeness from the Darkness of Depression

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Join us today as Candace from His Mercy is New and Love, Mercy Oils transparently shares her journey from the darkness of depression into the light of the Savior! 

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Candace is married to David and lives in East Tennessee where they homeschool their 3 beautiful children ages 15yrs, 14yrs and 12yrs.  She shares Biblical inspiration over on His Mercy is New and is passionate about encouraging her Love, Mercy Oils team headed up by Dr.Edie Wadsworth. Candace prays that her words and videos bring you much encouragement and hope. She shares “The older I’ve gotten, the more thankful I have become that His mercies truly are NEW every single morning. Every moment of every day our loving Father provides the grace we are desperate for. ”

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Key Points

  • Start reading a Psalm every day. “Eventually those words became the cry of my own heart”.
  • I like to start my story with Isaiah 61:3. He really does bring beauty from the ashes. The only reason I can sit here and talk to you tonight about the faithfulness of God is because it is a truth from His word that is really true.

To console those who mourn in Zion,
To give them beauty for ashes,
The oil of joy for mourning,
The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;
That they may be called trees of righteousness,
The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.

Isaiah 61:3

  • God takes the brokenness and He uses that.. and He uses you to minister to others… and in turn that fills you up!
  • I had not felt good for so long, that just feeling that little bit better motivated me to keep going.
  • Essential Oils have been a bridge to better health for me.
  • I like to tell people that it’s just a bunch of little choices each day, a bunch of baby steps. What can you do today to improve your health or wellness? They don’t have to be huge scary things!
  • At the end where she talks about Mindset, there are SO many golden nuggets in there. Make sure to listen!

God meets us in the darkness where He can bring us to a deeper faith and greater hope in Him!

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Resources Mentioned:

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More information and access to these resources can be found on His Mercy is New.

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What was your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Leave a comment below!

Do you have or know someone with a story of Darkness that gave birth to a deeper Faith? Share with us or send a recommendation here!

Talk to you soon!


O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul; You have redeemed my life. Lamentations 3:56








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