5 Basic Must Have Items For Mom’s Hospital Bag- From a Mom of 5

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5 Basic Must Have Items For Mom’s Hospital Bag- From a Mom of 5

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I remember being very pregnant with baby number one and talking with my sweet Great Grandma.

I was overwhelmed at all of the baby gear I was being told I needed.

Cost-wise and space-wise!

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She looked at me and said. “All you really need is an outfit or two, a blanket and a dresser drawer.

I stared back at her, completely confused.

She proceeded. “We had no cradle and no money and your grandma slept just fine with a blanket in the dresser drawer!”

She blew my mind.

After all, I had been looking online and talking with everyone about the newest “must have” baby items.

No, it’s not wrong to enjoy the newest and latest things when if comes to pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

But she was right.

There isn’t much you actually NEED.

Her outlook on that (and with many things in life) stuck with me.

Fast forward 5 kids later + Mommy brain + our youngest (now 2) is out of baby stage again.

My very pregnant friend texted this question.

“What do I really need at the hospital for me?”

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I paused.

So many days I feel like mommy brain has left me with no recognizable part of “normal human brain” (agree?)

What did I know about that? What on earth would I recommend to her? How could I remember even 2 years ago- or the other 4 kids before that!?

Well, it’s amazing the things that are still tucked away in this mommy brain!

The texts flew out of my fingertips.

Apparently, after having 5 kids (2 natural and 3 c-section) I do have a preference. I do think there are some very basic must haves for what Mom should pack in her hospital bag!
Warning: This list is not glamorous or fancy. Just real practical and as minimal as possible!

Here’s what I would (and did) bring if I was giving birth again.

Must Have Items For Mom's Hospital Bag Like Minded Musings

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Nursing Pads: I have tried all sorts of nursing pads. If you go the disposable route, these contoured pads have super absorbency while maintaining a great shape. They don’t make you look like you are wearing nursing pads 🙂

Nursing Bra: Brand and style is of course up to you, but I encourage you to take the time before the baby is born to find a couple of good nursing bras… you will be wearing them, um a lot. I liked the one below.

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Lanolin: MUCH Lanolin! Here’s a tip. Someone once told me to start applying before birth. I started – daily – about two weeks before and it was a great help for me from baby #2 forward ( I hope for you too!)

Comfy Pajamas: Whether you get tired of the hospital gown pretty quickly or just want something more “presentable” for visitors, I always found a good pair of comfy, button down (for easy nursing) pj’s to do the trick! I had something similar to the one below.

New Socks or Slippers: If you are a slipper person, bring them, if you are not ( like me ) invest in some new comfy socks. It’s just better then the ones they may give you at the hospital 🙂


Oh yeah one more tip… You might want to have some Depends waiting for you at home…

Yes, seriously. They work better than the hospital pads.

Not a fun thought but very helpful!

Ahh glorious Motherhood!

Really, though it is a blessing isn’t it? I promise it’s all worth it!

There you have it friend!

My 5 Basic Must Have Items For Mom’s Hospital Bag – From a Mom of 5 🙂


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Budget – and sanity -effective! 

So what Must Have 5 items would go in your Hospital bag Mom? Enter in the comments below!

Skimming this?

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Talk to you soon,


O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul; You have redeemed my life.

Lamentations 3:58



Short on Time? Read This Later! DOWNLOAD This Post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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