30 Days of Tween Parenting Encouragement Blog Party!

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Oh no! You missed the event!

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 Are you a parent of a child between 8-12 years old?

If that’s a yes, then you likely already know the pre-teens can be tough to navigate alone! 
Parenting tweens today can be tricky to maneuver, but it’s crucial we fight the battle for their hearts!

Research shows that these are critical years in regards to their future. 

But what can we do? How do we get started? How do we know if we are headed in the right direction?

We often find ourselves lacking resources or direction in Parenting Tweens today. Much of the help out there seems just a bit out of reach – more geared towards the teen years.

Well, I am beyond excited to share with you some support!

You’re Invited!

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Join us on Like Minded Musings for 30 Days of Tween Parenting Encouragement!
A Blog Party for You from May 1 – May 31

30 Christian Bloggers, Moms and Ministries Share Their Favorite Advice, Tips and Encouragement for Parenting Tweens Today!

We have some amazing like-minded people coming together with loads of wisdom to help encourage and equip you in your journey!
Seriously, how awesome is that!!?!
ooh, and yes, there will be party gifts!

We will have a giveaway (to be announced) with resources to help build up a family throughout the Tweens!
We’re also joining together in community!

We are building a FREE Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share wisdom, find answers and be encouraged in parenting your tween today!

So don’t miss out.

Join the group. Invite others!
Check out the amazing giveaway below!!
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Share this on social media or by email and invite other Tween Parents you know!
Let’s get this party started ! ?

It all kicks off May 1 2017!

Joining You in the In-Between,

Lee Felix

O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul; You have redeemed my life. Lamentations 3:58
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Short on Time? Read This Later! DOWNLOAD This Post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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