Will You Choose Praise Today? You Should. Here’s How.

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His bright blue eyes looked up at me and welled up with tears.


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I’m sorry Mommy.


Oh, my heart.

I knew at that moment I had a choice to make.

Am I going to choose praise or sink into the pit?

It can be so hard to do the right thing in the moment, can’t it? Sometimes the valleys in life do allow us to see things more clearly but choosing to praise God despite what we are feeling? That can be tough.

More often than not our choices become clouded by the daily disappointments, frustrations and trials of life.

Today was one of those days.

I Choose Praise Heres How Like Minded Musings In Spite of Myself

We had another round of doctors appointments, running errands and one of my least favorite household tasks – grocery shopping. I mean I really, really, don’t like grocery shopping.

But 5 little people need to eat, so off we go 🙂

After running around town and a 2-year-old tantrum of epic proportions, we made it halfway through the grocery store. I looked down and realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home.  Embarrassingly enough, this was enough to tip me over the edge.

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I gathered up all of the kids and headed home for my wallet.

But in my heart, I was having my own little temper tantrum.

MY plans were interrupted.

MY to-do list just got longer.

My dinner time just got changed which means playing catch up straight through to bedtime.

I am being inconvenienced.

On top of it, I just know I will end up unloading groceries in the pouring rain – the thunderstorm clouds are rolling in.

Me Me and more Me


Kids I Choose Praise In Spite of Myself Book Like Minded Musings


We made it back to the store and finished up, I started to load groceries into the car in the pouring rain. My attitude was awful. Silent and awful. The kids knew it.

Then I looked into those bright blue eyes. My son said sorry for something he didn’t even do.

God asked my heart in that moment “how are you going to respond?”

I paused.

Should I continue on grumpy and silent throwing my own tantrum, or I should #IChoosePraise?

But How do I Praise Him?

I could thank Him that we were able to buy groceries, as there are times it’s been a struggle.

Be grateful my wallet was simply at home and not lost or stolen.

Say thank you that I have these 5 happy, healthy kids with me instead of grumbling that someday I want to go to the store without them.

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I could praise Him for providing health care for the kids, our van as transportation and a home to return to after we are done running.

And for this boy looking up at me with his piercing blue eyes. One who cares so much about his Mom being upset that he would apologize for something he didn’t even do, just to see if it made things right again.

In that moment my heart said yes. Big or small Lord, I choose to praise You in this.

I haven’t always made those decisions. But by God’s grace, they now happen more often.

I am learning to discern my heart. I know I have to continually pray, read God’s word, refocus my thoughts, put worship songs on and good books in my heart. These things encourage me to say #IChoosePraise in all circumstances.

And God is so faithful. He lovingly redirects my heart towards His.

How about you? What is trying to steal your joy today? Can I challenge you to stop where you are and choose praise instead?

I’m sending you a hug Mama and want to share some help to refocus your thoughts on Him! Then I’ll play you a great song that we love to “reset with”. I would love to offer you a cup of coffee and some encouragement for your heart as you curl up with a fantastic book that has so encouraged mine!

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Will You Choose Praise Today? You Should. Here's How. | Like Minded MusingsWill You Choose Praise Today? You Should. Here's How. | Like Minded Musings




Will you join me? I would love to pray with you (comment below or email me!)

Talk to you soon!


O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul; You have redeemed my life. Lamentations 3:56



Short on Time? Read This Later! DOWNLOAD This Post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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