How to Teach Character When Raising Your Godly Girl

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Once, years ago, I heard a man tell his son, “the only thing you can leave behind is your name, so make sure it is a good one.”

This struck me as a profound piece of wisdom, one that I often impart to my young daughters.

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The simple truth is that nothing can leave this world with us, but there are some things we can leave behind. Our name or legacy is one. So when I set my goals for raising Godly girls their character is always at the top of the list.

Why is teaching character an important part of raising Godly girls?

Because every issue of value in life essentially boils down to character. Have you loved enough? Served enough? Are you meek enough? The things that are important and truly matter in this life always come down to character. A good job is fantastic, but I’m more concerned with what kind of person they will become. The money will be irrelevant if they miss the mark on the rest.

Raising Godly Girls How To Teach Character Like Minded Musings

So what character traits are important for Godly girls?

1). Contentment

I feel like this is one we see less and less of in today’s society. It seems like we are always chasing the next new shiny thing, or reaching for a higher goal. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with things or goals. Sometimes though, they can cloud our vision. Suddenly we are focused so much on what we WANT that we forget what we HAVE.

I pray that my girls always find contentment. That they will count their blessings before they list their wants. How can one teach contentment? One way is to model it. Are you always searching for the next best thing? Take time to be present and thankful in the now. Another idea would be to volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, anywhere that will make your daughters realize how blessed they are.

2). Persistence

Persistence is a good trait to have no matter your age. Unfortunately even the most successful life will encounter a few failures along the way. Being persistent means your daughter will keep on trying when life sets her back. Motherhood itself requires a great deal of persistence to produce quality results.

Can persistence be taught? Of course it can! One way to teach persistence is to encourage your daughter to learn a skill that is new to her. Learning a new skill takes quite a bit of persistence, especially if the skill is challenging. You can also model persistence yourself. Do you challenge yourself to do great things? Persistence can also be taught in school work. For years my oldest daughter struggled with multiplication facts, but this year her persistence has finally paid off. Point out these moments in your daughter’s life.

3). Faithfulness

The most obvious area of faithfulness in a woman’s life is to her husband. Of course this is important, but there are other ways we need to be faithful as well. We need to be faithful to the Lord, in our service to Him. Also, to our commitments and obligations. A woman of character will always be found to be faithful.

How can we teach faithfulness? Chores are an excellent way to teach faithfulness. However, this will only work if we as moms are diligent (moms need character traits too right?) in enforcing the chores, as well as checking to make sure they are completed properly.

Our daughters can also learn to be faithful through friendships. A good friendship is hard to find, especially among young girls. We must teach them to be faithful to their friends and avoid the gossip and ugliness that often comes with a group of girls. This is especially important in those pre-teen years when meanness seems to come out full force.

4). Courage

Courage is so important for young women of today. Eventually, they will probably need to possess the courage to stand against a crowd that holds different beliefs than their own. They may even be alienated for those beliefs. I hope my daughters learn to have the courage to say no when they need to, but also to say yes to things that are good, even if they do scare them.

Courage is another trait that can be nurtured by trying new things. The fear of failure is real, and oftentimes new things push us outside our comfort zone. Maybe there’s even something new that we can try WITH our daughters. After all, it is always best to lead by example.

Download Your Free Lesson How to Handle Changing emotions Girls Created to Shine5). Kindness

Sometimes it seems like as a society we have forgotten about kindness. However, I tend to think that it’s still out there, just not as publicized as everything else. A kind spirit can go a long way in many aspects of life – for a mother, a wife, a daughter, or even a friend. Kindness can never be valued enough.

How can we teach kindness? One way is to complete random acts of kindness together as a family. We also need to demonstrate kindness in our homes. Are we kind to our daughters? How about to our spouse?

Have you caught the common theme on all the character traits?

They must be demonstrated. Our daughters will learn these character traits best if they see them in us first. We live in a world where character is often devalued, so I challenge you today to implement some character training in your own home. Our daughters will thank us later.


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  • Oh my goodness this bit “this will only work if we as moms are diligent (moms need character traits too right?) in enforcing the chores, as well as checking to make sure they are completed properly” Really stepped on my toes. I have to get better at this!

    • Oh, I hear you! It’s a struggle for so many of us. Such a great point! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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