Guest Post: How to Homeschool When its Hard – Homeschooling 101 Blog Party!

For most homeschoolers, there isn’t much separation between “life” and “school”. This can be both hard and a blessing! No matter how much we plan (or not ­čÖé ) “life” has a tendency to throw curve balls at us.

We’ve experienced some of these trials in our┬áhomeschool journey.

– An extended time of illness or physical pain for Mom or Dad

– The birth of a new baby

– The whole family being sick

– A death of a loved one

– A move

– A change in season (added stressors, schedule changes, etc)

These on top of the regular strains of homeschooling can be a real challenge. So how are we to handle homeschooling when it gets hard?

Today I’m super excited to jump into the Homeschooling ┬á101Blog Party over on Kingdom First Homeschool where we will discuss 4 Tips To Help You Homeschool When Life is Hard!

Oh yeah, make sure to join the awesome Facebook group for questions and encouragement and sign up for the giveaways!

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