What’s The Most Important Thing To Teach Your Daughter?


Question: What’s the most important thing (ever) you could teach your daughter?

  • Not to talk to strangers?
  • To be kind and considerate to others?
  • To value and protect her purity?
  • How to cook?

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All important for raising Godly girls. (The cooking one’s a bonus!) BUT not what I’m talking about!

So … what’s the most important thing to teach your daughter?

Answer: Her value and worth as God’s precious, beautiful daughter.

If your daughter truly knows who she is in God – that she has a Father who is proud of her, who delights in her, who loves her unconditionally – then she will be able to stand stronger, more secure and confident, in all this world throws at her.

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Your daughter can know God’s arms of love around her when others hurt or reject her. Your daughter can be secure in her beauty and worth, and not have to try and impress others. Your daughter can remain confident in who she is, even when she fails.

Wow! What a privilege to be daughters of God, daughters of the King – a truth we all need revelation of (in fact, we need our own revelation of God as Father, in order to share that with our girls).

Raising Godly Girls Like Minded Musings Teach Daughter

It’s a truth God’s been speaking deep into my heart these last few years … through the story of a woman in the Bible, I’d previously only thought of negatively: Eve! God has shown me just how precious Eve was to Him. She was His treasured daughter. Even when she sinned, God sought her out, call her to Himself, and clothed her. What a picture of unconditional love and acceptance.

I’d love to share with you a free 3-day devotional I (Joanna) have written to help your daughter discover, and grow in, her identity as God’s beautiful daughter:

Hidden Treasures in the Story of Eve (Girls Only Edition)

Story of Eve Girls Only edition

This devotional explores the story of Eve and her relationship with God as Father. Day 1 of the devotional is posted below.

Want to grow in your own relationship with God as Father? You can download the adult study here: Hidden Treasures in the Story of Eve (Women’s Edition). Your older teen might also prefer this version.

Treasures Hidden in the Story of Eve

Hidden Treasures in the Story of Eve (Girls Only Edition)

Day 1: Born Into Love

What Do You Think?

You know the Bible story of Eve, right? You’ve probably heard it a million times before! Adam and Eve. The snake. The forbidden fruit …

But have you ever put yourself in Eve’s shoes (well, actually she didn’t have any shoes … but you know what I mean!), and imagined what it would have been like ‘waking up’ to a brand new world? Eve wasn’t born as a baby; she was created a beautiful young woman, maybe the same age as you, or just a bit older!

She wasn’t there. Then suddenly she was!

So …

Question #1. How do you think Eve felt when she was first created? Write a few thoughts here (or draw a picture):

OK! Next question …

Question #2. Who did Eve first see when she was created? God or Adam? Have a guess (and write down your answer)!

Let’s Find Out!

Question #3. Let’s find out if the Bible tells us who Eve saw first. Read Genesis 2:18-22. Any clues? (Hint: What word begins with ‘b’ in verse 22?)

Yes! God brought Eve to Adam. This must mean Eve was with God first. Then God brought her to Adam!

Can you imagine, Eve waking up to her new life, and seeing God! Wow!

Question #4. What do you think God looked like? Write a few thoughts, or draw a picture (though I know it’s very hard to draw a picture of God!):

God was Eve’s Father! Eve had no human parents. God was like a mother and a father to her.

I’m sure God’s heart was bursting with pride (the good kind) as He looked at His beautiful new daughter. I’m sure He held her in His arms and told her how much He loved her. He may have even cried with joy. I know He was smiling huge smiles! And I bet He was excited about introducing her to Adam too!


There are lots of verses in the Bible about God loving His children (just like He loved Eve).

Question #5. Read the following verses. How does God love His children (His people)? Write down your thoughts:

Zephaniah 3:17

Jeremiah 31:3

Psalm 139:13-18

John 3:16

Ephesians 1:4-5

Ephesians 3:18-19

How About You?

God’s love is incredible! We can’t really describe it in words.

And you know what? God loves YOU too!

Eve was born into God’s love. You can also be ‘born’ into God’s love!

Of course, you have already been born (I know that!) BUT you can be ‘born again’ into God’s love. Your human birth was a physical birth. Your ‘born again’ birth is a spiritual birth. You can become God’s daughter, just like Eve (Hey! Eve can be your sister!!).

You can know God’s arms around you, experience His love, and know Him smiling huge smiles over you!

There’s a simple way to become God’s daughter. Just ask! Ask God to be a part of your life. Tell Him you want to know Him as your Father.

If you’d like to know more about being God’s daughter, and what God has done for you through His son Jesus, you can ask the person who gave you this study or watch this video (Bonus: you’ll get to see me, Joanna, the writer of this study!).

Maybe you have already asked God to be a part of your life. That’s great! You are God’s beautiful daughter, and you can experience more of His love each day.

Question #6. How have you experienced God’s love in your life? Write your thoughts, or draw a picture (it may have been a feeling, something God did for you, or something He spoke to you):

Let’s Pray!

Pray Like Minded Musings

Use the prayer below, or make up your own (just like chatting to a friend), to thank God for His love:

Father God,

Thank you for loving me so much. Thank you, your arms are tight around me, and that you smile on me! Help me know your love more. Help me know you as Father. In Jesus name.


Bonus Extra!

Hey! Would you like a sneak peek of my book Forever Loved: Eve’s Story? It’s a creative retelling of the story of Eve – as you’ve never heard it before! (If you don’t, then don’t read any further. Ha ha!)

Here’s a bit from the beginning of the book. It describes Eve ‘waking’ to God’s love.

As you read, imagine yourself waking to God’s presence. Imagine God speaking His love to you.

I remember the day I was born. No other woman can say that!


Gradually a glow, like the first touch of sunrise, then a brightening, a flickering orange behind my eyelids. I open my eyes. Waterfalls of soft light. A voice, as warm and tender as the light on my face.

“Hi, I’m your Dad. Wow! You are so beautiful!”

Arms around me. I look up to see a face swimming with emotion. Eyes, oceans-deep with love for me. A smile, oceans-wide with joy. The voice again,

“You are so beautiful, my precious one. I love you.”

I describe my birthday with understanding now. At the time, I had no frame of reference to know what I was seeing or words to describe what I was feeling, though I understood everything my Father said to me. All I knew was that I had not been, and now I was. All I felt was a love so intense it engulfed me.

“My daughter, I love you so much.”

That’s the end of Day 1 of ‘Hidden Treasures in the Story of Eve’ (Girls Only Edition).

I pray both you and your daughter experience more and more of God’s Father heart of love in the coming days.

Let’s press on raising Godly girls in the knowledge and experience of God as Father. There’s nothing more important to impart to them.

Free downloads:

Hidden Treasures in the Story of Eve: A Devotional Study (Girls Only Edition)

Story of Eve Girls Only edition

Hidden Treasures in the Story of Eve: A Devotional Study (Women’s Edition)

Treasures Hidden in the Story of Eve


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