Why Homeschool Planet Is The Best Homeschool Planner For The Stressed Out Mom


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Homeschooling can be hard on its own.

Then add teaching multiple ages and different curriculum.

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Top it off with all that life throws at you and the thought of homeschool planning can leave you overwhelmed and stressed out.

Over the last 6 years of homeschooling, I’ve tried various approaches to homeschool planning. As you know I struggle often with the online planning me and the pen and paper planning me.

Being a busy, homeschooling, working Mom of 5, I’ve settled on a curriculum that lays out our daily lesson plans for us. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need an incredible planning tool to help organize my life around those well-laid lesson plans.

One of our five children has both mental and physical health conditions. We have LOTS of appointments to keep track of and paperwork to complete, on top of homeschooling, homemaking and extracurriculars.

There are 5 KEY things I need in order to plan our home effectively. The Homeschool Planet Planner is a tool that addresses these 5 keys and will leave any stressed out mama feeling ahead and in control of her schedule!

5 Reasons Why Homeschool Planet Is The Best Homeschool Planner For The Stressed Out Mom

#1 Easy to Use

When you’re juggling all the things, you don’t have a lot of time to spend learning a new program. As soon as I logged into Homeschool Planet I could see that the program is completely user-friendly. I clicked on the calendar and easily added myself and all of the kids. I quickly started setting up our schedules, assignments, field trips, appointments and more! It is easy to setup, but they also have videos to help if you get stuck. You won’t spend hours setting up this system. Just log in and get started today!

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#2 It’s Not Just For Homeschool Planning

Remember I mentioned all of those appointments and calls I need to keep track of? I was able to easily add all of our life’s “extras” into the calendar with our schooling blocks, chores and more. They also have handy widgets you can add for a daily Bible verse or quote. Choose the weather or search widget to display and add your shopping, to do, and reading lists that can be printed, sent to email or texted to your phone. It’s packed with options to keep all of life at my fingertips.

#3 It’s Customizable

Homeschool Planet is easily customizable for our larger family size and able to meet our individual families needs. Although our main curriculum has the lesson plans laid out, I still have some subjects or add-ins that I need to keep track of.  I can customize the lesson plans, track attendance, add notes and more. There are so many options to make it your own! And if you need help with pre-made lesson plans you can visit Homeschool Planet Lesson Plan Marketplace and buy the lesson plan for your curriculum. As we discovered with the Virtual Field Trip add-on, after a few questions and clicks all assignments, notes, and links to online resources were added into our calendar!

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Homeschool Buyers Co-op Homeschool Planet Review Post Like Minded Musings

#4 It Nourishes Independence In the Older Ones

If you have older ones like I do, you’ll be pretty excited about this feature as well! As you set up custom lesson plans, appointments etc, you can choose to have the daily schedule emailed right to your student’s email! This helps keep them on track and spares you wasting any time telling them to start their assignment. It also gives you the option to include a web link with the assignment so they don’t have to wander around the internet. They just click and begin!

#5 It Allows For Flexibility With My Crazy Schedule

This is super important to the stressed out Mom! As life shifts and things get pushed around, you can adjust, delete and add to all aspects of your planning very easily.  If you don’t complete an assignment or task, push it out to a different slot. You can also add your spouse’s calendar to keep you both on the same page and it works with Apple iCal, Google calendar and other online calendars as well.

How To Get Your Homeschool Planning On Track Without Stress!

So what do you think? After seeing the awesome benefits of using Homeschool Planet for both Homeschool planning and life planning, I wouldn’t be surprised if you just might want to check it out for yourself 🙂 I’ve got great news, here’s a chance for you to receive your very own Homeschool Planet Free 30-Day Trial (no credit card required) to see what you think! So check out Homeschool Planet and let me know if you get hooked like I did!

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