Why all the Hype About Essential Oils?

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I stood in front of the “oils shelf” in my local retailer trying to remember what I was told over the years.

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What kind of oil was supposed to help what?

Or was it a combination of two or three?

Should I just go with something that smells good?

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What do I actually do with the oil? Is it effective if I use it here and there?

And really – is this “worth it?” How much is this going to cost me? Our family lives on one income!

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t remember the details.

I had people give me information in pieces about essential oils, but the puzzle of how it applied to me was always left unfinished.

All I could think was what is all the hype about essential oils, really?

I wanted hype broken down. I wanted to know if they would actually be a wise choice for my family.

Why all the hype about essential oils on like minded musings

Maybe this isn’t the same as your story. But you’re still putting the puzzle together.

Possibly yours is one of searching for answers because you need hope!

No matter what the reason, I’m so glad you’re here!

As I began to take steps on my essential oils journey there have been three keys that I have found invaluable.

  • Quality Essential Oils
  • Excellent information
  • An amazing group of women to help you!

A box of quality essential oils itself isn’t going to tell me how it can help my family.

Oils left unapplied aren’t going to offer our family any support in our wellness journey.

But when I was offered the support of women who treat you like family (one is even a medical doctor!) and excellent information about those quality essential oils – the puzzle quickly started to come together!

And this my friend, is why I want to help YOU!

Many of you have asked these questions yourself about essential oils – only to be left confused. So instead, I’m bringing in some of these amazing friends to teach us about it!

We will be holding a FREE online class from October 24th – October 30th! This week we hope to take away any fear of using essential oils and help you get clear on what all the hype is actually about!

We will discuss:

  • What essential oils are (101)
  • How to safely use them with your family for winter family wellness
  • How you can use oils on a budget
  • How to create some DIY Christmas gifts with your oils and more!

We will have free oil recipes, live videos daily and a Q & A to answer all your questions!

Why all the hype about essential oils on like minded musings details

Don’t keep wondering why all the hype about essential oils!  Let this be your opportunity to take a look for yourself and see how they fit with your family!


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Short on Time? Read This Later! DOWNLOAD This Post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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