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PSST, there was a bonus event!

We also partnered with Intentional in Life as they held a #RaisingGodlyBoys event at the same time! If you are a boy Mom you weren’t left out 🙂  Get all the details on the posts here!

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Pinterest Event Writers Raising Godly Girls on Like Minded Musings

Heather Creekmore of Compared to Who – Raising Godly Girls: How to Help Her With Body Image

Ashley of Navigating the Years – How to do the “Hard Parts” of Godly Girl Parenting

Erin of Homeschool Balance – How to Teach Character When Raising Your Godly Girl

Rebekah of Hargraves Home & Hearth – Raise Godly Girls, Not Stereotypes of the World or Church

Phyllis of Phyllis Sather.com – How to Show Your Godly Girl Respect!

Angela of The Diligent Woman – How to Teach Hard Bible Lessons to Your Godly Girl

Teri Lynn Underwood of Prayers for Girls – Raising Godly Girls: Don’t Take Score at Halftime

Christine of Digging Deeper With God – How to Parent a Child Who Pushes Away the Things of God

Emily of Oh Lord Help Us – A Mom’s Fight for Her Girl Who is Cutting

Claire of Claire Musters – Teach Your Godly Girl to Pray for Natural Opportunity

Marisa of Called to Mothering –  5 Ways to Teach Your Daughter Modesty From the Heart!

Becky Kopitzke of Becky Kopitzke – No, Baby, You Do Not Want to be Famous

Brandi of Chicken Scratch Diaries –How to Raise Godly Women Who Have No Regrets

Julie of Unmasking the Mess – Avoid These 4 Problems You Experience When You Have Sex Before Marriage

Forest Rose of Kingdom First Homeschool – Raising Godly Moms: Your Home is a Training Ground

Emily of Emily Vegashares Raising Godly Girls: Teach Teens How to Handle a Crush

Amy Michaels of Those Clever Moms – How to Raise Your Bossy Girl to Be a Godly Girl

Jennifer Strickland of UR More – What To Do When Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

Lynn of Lynn Cowell – Where I Got Hung Up When My Girls Were Growing Up

Aimee of A Work of Grace  – 3 Things You Need to Know About Pornography and Your Child

Stephanie of Training Keepers of the Home – How to Raise Godly Girls to be Pure in Heart

Tiffany of Hope Joy in Christ – The Best Way to Move from Girl Mom to Mentor

Joanna of Mums Kids Jesus – What’s The Most Important Thing To Teach Your Daughter?

Sarah of Bible Baton – Raising Godly Girls: Should they be Nurturing?

Tatiana of The Musings of Mum – Raising Godly Girls in a ‘Bachelorette’ Society

Sarah of A Work of Grace – Raising Godly Girls: Help Bring Hope to the Hurting

Starla of Starla Jimenez.com – 9 Important Bible Verses For Girls About Self Worth

Erin Weidemann of Bible Belles –  3 Ways to Support Our Godly Girls to Lead Well

Le of Mom * – How to Teach Our Girls About Sex Without Shame or Fear

Kristen of Kristen Hatton.com – Why Social Media Is Not The Real Problem

FR. Brad Mathias of Brilliantly Brave Parenting – How an Eating Disorder and a Horse Named Raven Changed my Life

Angie of Gathered & Sown – Raising Godly Girls: Do You See His Grace?

Amy of Amy L Sullivan and Gutsy Girls Books – Raising Strong Girls: 88 Acts of Independence and Adventure

Connie of Connie Albers.com – How to be Strong Enough to Stand for Purity in an Anything Goes Culture

Michelle Nietert of Counselor Thoughts– 6 Ways to Help Godly Girls with Discouragement or Depression

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  • Steve Demme: How Dad Builds a Faith Focused Family
  • Barbara Sorrels: Nurturing Healthy Attachment
  • Kent Evans: Manhood Journey
  • Saundra Dalton-Smith: Sacred Rest and Whole Person Treatment
  • Dr. Bill Brown: Preparing Teens For College
  • Erin Weidemann: Ending Fear To Start Leading
  • Lee Nienhuis: A Battle Plan for Raising Heroes
  • Bob Lepine: Rule and Relationship
  • Nick and David Salyers: The Guide for Dads and Conversations
  • JJ Conway: It’s Not a Money Problem

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  • A Parent’s Guide to A Doubting Teen
  • A Parent’s Guide to Sexting

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