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Free Printable Father’s Day Card – A Bible Journaling Keepsake Gift!

Father's Day Bible Journaling Card Gift Like Minded Musings

Are you are looking for a unique and FREE gift to give this Father’s Day? One based on the Bible that will let him know just how much the family cares? I have a great idea for you!  We have created this Bible Journaling Keepsake Card for Dad and we would love to share it with you too! Oh yeah, and… Read more »

You Are a Tween Girl who Struggles with Her Body (and you are in my kitchen) – Day 31

Tween Parenting Blog Party Featured Author Jennifer Strickland Like Minded Musings.jpg

“I don’t have a bathing suit body,” the sweet one says as she takes off her shirt on fast forward and jumps in the pool. At the table later, she explains she has lost seven pounds by cutting carbs. The girls are thirteen. Standing behind the kitchen sink, I lean in. We talk fruits, vegetables and strength training, but inside… Read more »

How to Encourage Your Tween to Develop a Quiet Time – Day 30

How to Encourage Your Tween to Develop a Quiet Time Like Minded Musings

As a Christian Mom, there is little else more important to my heart then encouraging my tweens in their own walk with the Lord. I understand the importance of doing my best to teach them how to have their own quiet time from tween to teen and beyond. I also know from mama busyness and the #quiettimeguilt of my past… Read more »

Dear Tween Child, Guard Your Heart – Day 28

Guard your heart, my child! As a Christian mother, I lay awake, night after night, asking God for wisdom to guide me in leading my tween child as he grows. I thought a mother could only wish and pray her child was going to turn out good, but I was wrong. A mother’s job is to love, to nourish, to… Read more »

C.R.E.A.T.E. – Six Ways Art Teaches Tween Girls About the Bible – Day 26

Tween Parenting Blog Party Featured Author Annie Pajcic Like Minded Musings

What do you do when your tween is too old for VBS and too young for the heavier issues of high school, but you still want to give them a love for Jesus? When my daughter, Daley, was in fourth grade, she began to struggle with the issues of identity, faith, and just plain growing up. Like many moms, I… Read more »

Worried or Anxious Tween? How to Tell the Difference and What to Do – Day 27

Tween Parenting Blog Party Featured Author Michelle Nietert Like Minded Musings.jpg

As a mental health professional, I have been working with families of worriers to protect them from anxiety disorders for 20 years. But this past year anxiety hit a little closer to home. We lost my husband’s twin sister to cancer in January. My son was three when she and her husband, now both in heaven were diagnosed. Not surprisingly, he… Read more »

Encourage My Tween’s Heart Printable Pack is Here!

My Tween's Heart Printables Pack

Hi there!  I’ve been working on something I think you will be really excited about… and I am too for our family! Often in parenting, we work hard on getting organized and focused in on the days and weeks tasks. We put effort into planning our days to keep ourselves accountable to all that is going on around us and… Read more »

Navigating Sibling Relationships in the Tween Years – Day 16

Tween Parenting Blog Party Featured Author Christia Colquitt Like Minded Musings

I remember the moment well when each one of my children met their new sibling. It honestly felt like time stood still. As a mom of five children, I cherished this moment when the first connection would be made. A sibling connection that would last a lifetime. I would daydream about the days ahead of them playing together for hours,… Read more »

3 Steps To Loving Your Tween On Purpose – Day 15

Tween Parenting Blog Party Featured Author Joanna Chee Like Minded Musings

I got the word ‘tween’ all wrong when I first heard it a few months ago! I thought it referred to young adults in their late teens and early twenties! There is a ‘tw’ and an ‘een’ in there, after all! And when I mentioned the term ‘tween’ to my kids the other days, they looked at me blankly and… Read more »

3 Ways To Equip Your Tween with a Biblical Worldview – Day 10

Tween Parenting Blog Party Featured Author Marisa Boonstra Like Minded Musings

My eight-year-old son asks a lot of questions. I mean, A LOT. He didn’t even ask this many when he was four. Only, he’s not just asking questions so much for the sake of knowledge anymore. They’re more like challenges. 8-12-year-olds no longer accept what their parents say at face value like they did when they were younger. They may… Read more »