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You Are a Tween Girl who Struggles with Her Body (and you are in my kitchen) – Day 31

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“I don’t have a bathing suit body,” the sweet one says as she takes off her shirt on fast forward and jumps in the pool. At the table later, she explains she has lost seven pounds by cutting carbs. The girls are thirteen. Standing behind the kitchen sink, I lean in. We talk fruits, vegetables and strength training, but inside… Read more »

C.R.E.A.T.E. – Six Ways Art Teaches Tween Girls About the Bible – Day 26

Tween Parenting Blog Party Featured Author Annie Pajcic Like Minded Musings

What do you do when your tween is too old for VBS and too young for the heavier issues of high school, but you still want to give them a love for Jesus? When my daughter, Daley, was in fourth grade, she began to struggle with the issues of identity, faith, and just plain growing up. Like many moms, I… Read more »

Help for Handling Tween Daughter Emotions – Day 11

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I asked her to clean the bathroom like I had a hundred times before. But this time she screamed, “Why do I have to clean the bathroom? I hate having to clean the bathroom when I have so many disgusting brothers!” She does indeed have so many brothers — five of them to be exact. But in that moment she also… Read more »

Parenting With Purpose: Developing An Action Plan For The Tween Years And Beyond Day 3

Tween Parenting Blog Party Featured Author Krystal McFalls Like Minded Musings

  I will never forget the first time they laid her in my arms. She was 9lbs 11oz of pure amazing, and I would move heaven and earth to make her happy! Everyone told me the years are short but the days are long. I never really believed them. Until this past year when someone reminded me my sweet angel’s… Read more »

Why Your Pre-Teen Child Is In Crisis And What You Can Do About It

Why Your Pre-Teen Child is in Crisis Like Minded Musings

Warning: This post may contain alarming information about your pre-teen child or one you know. But I believe it’s necessary to share. God has opened my eyes and laid this on my heart. I can’t shake it. I’m learning to embrace that obedience for me looks like sharing information and helping you any way I can. But I won’t only… Read more »

The Ultimate Resource Kit for Your Tween Girl!

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Ultimate Resource Kit For Your Tween Girl Like Minded Musings

If you’re fighting the battle for your pre-teen daughters heart, we’re here to help! I’ve compiled a FREE list of 100’s of resources for you! *Please note: Affiliate links used in any of our posts are personal to us. We must use and love the products we recommend to you, our amazing community! We have to believe that they will serve you in… Read more »