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Praying For Your Tweens Salvation – Day 14

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Today’s post is quite personal. This Mother’s Day, we have an amazing Mom sharing with you on the most important topic to a Mother’s heart. Praying for Your Tweens Salvation. She gives you a transparent view into what this has looked like in her parenting journey of 24 years. She is the real deal. One who shares both God’s victories and her… Read more »

Helping Your Tween Deal With Pressure – Day 8

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Today’s blog is by Claire Musters, a writer, speaker and editor based in the UK. Today my tween daughter, along with thousands of other 10 and 11-year-olds across the United Kingdom, is starting a week-long set of tests. Whether I agree with the system or not, UK schools use SATs (standard attainment tests) to check a pupil’s progress at the… Read more »

Pray Intentionally – My Tween Parenting Strategy Day 4

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Hi!  I’m Tiffany but you can call me Mommo -like my family does. Would you mind taking a stroll down memory lane with me?  Do you remember – as a child – they way adults would ask “What do you want to be when you grew up”? I wanted to be a mom and a teacher.  I remember spending hours everyday playing… Read more »