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The Why and How to Begin Bible Journaling as a Non Artist

Bible Journaling Why and How to Begin as a Non Artist

I clearly remember thinking three things that day while sitting in church. Our Pastor announced that there would be a Bible Journaling class held in the upcoming weeks. Why Bible journaling? I thought. I’m not artsy so what am I even thinking about it for! I’m sure it’s too expensive to start. I quickly dismissed it and moved on. Little… Read more »

Tween Parenting: 3 Tips to Give Structure Without Being Too Strict Day 5

Tween Parenting Blog Party Featured Author Sara Borgstede Like Minded Musings

  When you held your child a little baby in your arms, did you ever have someone say to you, “Oh, she is sweet now, but just wait until the teen years!” When people said that to me as a young mom,  I cringed a little. Parenting a baby and then a toddler was hard enough. I didn’t want to… Read more »

Why Your Pre-Teen Child Is In Crisis And What You Can Do About It

Why Your Pre-Teen Child is in Crisis Like Minded Musings

Warning: This post may contain alarming information about your pre-teen child or one you know. But I believe it’s necessary to share. God has opened my eyes and laid this on my heart. I can’t shake it. I’m learning to embrace that obedience for me looks like sharing information and helping you any way I can. But I won’t only… Read more »

Destroy the Roots of Shame Based Living – The Lie of Perfection


Let’s Destroy the Roots of Shame-Based Living by acknowledging The Lie of Perfection. Maybe like me, you have this nagging feeling that you are somehow defective or not enough? Do you often think “I’m not perfect like her?” Are you quick to compare: Your looks Your body Your husband, children, family or friends Your home, car or possessions Your homeschool Your… Read more »

Destroy the Roots of Shame Based Living -The Lie of Unlovable


Shame Digs in Deep From an early age it whispers lies that take root in our hearts. I am Unlovable. No one would want me the way that I am. If only I were better. We begin to believe the lie shame tells us and we start to train our thoughts, actions and reactions. When we accept the lie of Unlovable… Read more »

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom

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Confessions of Stay at Home Mom My Mess Like Minded Musings

Hey there! This week I’m blessed to be able to share something special with you! My heart for this ‘lil corner of the internet is to share the “real” parts of life – You know, the good and the hard.. Let’s share the 30 bad pictures of the kids it took to get that one we actually did show the world… Read more »

Are You Easily Broken?

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  When was the last time you were completely broken ? I sat there crushed. That morning at church was not normal. Almost immediately I found myself overtaken by a massive wave of emotion. Words stripped away “the cares of the world” that entangled me and brought my heart back to what really matters. All it took was one little girl to… Read more »