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2 Must Read Character Building Fiction Books for Tweens- Day 13

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Normally, I let my children choose what they read. No biggie. I want to encourage a love for reading. But at bedtime, if I’m the one reading to them, Mom gets to choose the book. No, they don’t technically need me to read to them anymore. The thing is,  there are some books that NEED to be read. Besides, I… Read more »

30 Days of Tween Parenting Encouragement Blog Party!

30 Days of Tween Parenting Encouragement Pinterest

 Are you a parent of a child between 8-12 years old? If that’s a yes, then you likely already know the pre-teens can be tough to navigate alone!    Parenting tweens today can be tricky to maneuver, but it’s crucial we fight the battle for their hearts! Research shows that these are critical years in regards to their future.    These… Read more »