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How To Create 5 Christmas Gifts For Under $10 Right Now!


While we seek to keep our focus on Christ at Christmas, the gift-giving part of the holiday is a fantastic second! I get goosebumps just thinking about it šŸ™‚ Do you keep a tight Christmas budget? (there’s an excellent post on thatĀ here) Or do you simply have a long listĀ of people to give to? Either way, I’ve got something I… Read more »

FREE eCourse Tween Spiritual Growth – Intro to Inductive Bible Study + Bible Art Journaling


I have something special that we’ve been working on and I just can’t wait to share it with you!Ā drumroll please ….. ok, I may be a little dramatic šŸ™‚ We have a FREE 10 Week eCourse for your Tweens Spiritual Growth! It’s whereĀ Intro to Inductive Bible Study + Bible Art Journaling ‘meet’ !Ā Ā So I have toĀ ask, do you or does… Read more »

Gathered & Sown VIP Club Giveaway!

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Like Minded Musings Gathered and Sown Giveaway

Happy Saturday ! I just had to jump on and share some awesome news with you but shhhh! It’s not really happening until next week, I’m just giving you a heads up! To help celebrate her new Summer Daydream Collection which is coming soon, my friend Angie over at Gathered & Sown is having a VIP Club Giveaway! She is… Read more »

5 Reasons Why I’m Not Totally Failing This 2016

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5 Reasons Why I'm not totally failing this 2016

I have never kept a New Years resolution for more than a week or two. Goal setting? I gave up on that years ago. Friend, can you guess where that has gotten me? Yup- you’re right, NO where. I have been floating through the years, treating time like a renewable resource. Yes, some of it has been fruitful and life… Read more »

The Manna Jar – Unique, Encouraging & Personalized Christian Gift!

Behind The Manna Jar

You know that feeling when you actually find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one? Ahhh …. nailed it! If you’re like me, it warms your heart, makes you smile and it actually blesses YOU in the process of giving! Well, I want to help you get some more of that in your life ā™„ Today I’m excited… Read more »

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your First Blog Post

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Confession. I’m guilty. It took me far to long to write my first blog post….Try 365 days too long! I know. It’s completely ridiculous, insane and actually quite pathetic šŸ™‚ I knew what I wanted to write about. For a while, I even had an outline. But when I thought about sitting down to write I would get overwhelmed. I… Read more »