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Melissa Wood is a teaching artist and Christian mom of 4 children, ages 24, 14, 12, and 10. She has a bachelors degree in art and a masters degree in teaching. Along with homeschooling her youngest 3 children for 8 years, she's been teaching art for people of all ages for the past 22 years. She's currently teaching at 2 homeschool co-ops and at the Louisville Creative Arts Academy, a program for homeschoolers gifted in the creative arts.

Praying For Your Tweens Salvation – Day 14

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Today’s post is quite personal. This Mother’s Day, we have an amazing┬áMom sharing with you on the most important topic to a Mother’s heart.┬áPraying for Your Tweens Salvation. She gives you a transparent view into what this has looked like in her parenting journey of 24 years. She is the real deal. One who shares both God’s victories and her… Read more »