5 Reasons Why I’m Not Totally Failing This 2016

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I have never kept a New Years resolution for more than a week or two.

Goal setting? I gave up on that years ago.

Friend, can you guess where that has gotten me?

Yup- you’re right, NO where.

I have been floating through the years, treating time like a renewable resource. Yes, some of it has been fruitful and life has certainly been “full” (aka crazy busy) but looking back, it’s more of a fog then a memory book which makes me sad.

I know that is not the legacy I want to leave behind.

5 Reasons Why I'm not totally failing this 2016

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A switch flipped this 2016. A light peered into the darkness. It showed me all of the wasted time I’ve collected. I saw myself sitting amidst a pile of “hopeful some-days”.

After praying through the mess, one word emerged from the rubble and grabbed my heart.


Most of all, I want to be a good steward of this life God has so graciously given me. In order to be a good steward, I need to be intentional in all aspects of my life. Knowing this, I went to prayer and to work and created my plan to not totally fail in 2016, because let’s face it, I’m determined yet realistic ­čÖé

Here are 5 Ways I Set Myself up for Success!

Like_Minded_Musings Proverbs

I Built the Framework

  1. I evaluated what the main areas of my life were. Where do I have influence and responsibility? For me that looked like : My relationship with God, my health, my marriage, my kids, homeschooling and my business.
  2. For each area of focus, I picked 1-2 goals to set for the year. If you need a little help in this like I did, the Makeover Your Mornings course by Crystal Paine helped me to really narrow in on my goals by keeping it simple and being specific!
  3. Sprinkle in the “me”. I know myself. I know that my perfectionism procrastination gets me nearly every time! I also know that time bound goals are a huge way for me to help combat that. I had to look at what works for me. I didn’t go with a specific pre-set plan, that is great if you can, but I had to craft it to my personality and set myself up to battle against my weak areas that drag me down.
  4. Add a dash of “us”. I also had to take into account what our family’s strengths and weaknesses are and plan accordingly.
  5. Lastly I had to go back to my word and act on it. Intentional: done in a way that is planned or intended. I had to (and need to continue to) focus on stepping out in faith and actually take those small, specific steps that God calls me to along the way

Working Out My Non-negotiables

Like_Minded_Musings Psalm 143

In addition to reviewing what was built into my framework, I needed to determine the steps absolutely needed In order to accomplish my goals. These steps become my non-negotiables. I have these broken down into daily and weekly.

Here is an example:



Therefore, by taking the step above, you can easily create an “everyday” day schedule for those days that are actually normal! It will also be a great base schedule to work off of to add in those irregular events that we always have thrown in ­čÖé

And… if the kids are climbing the walls (or each other) and every-other-thing seems to be going wrong, but I actually get in these non-negotiables then it’s a good, good day!

I’ve put together this FREE printable worksheet to help you walk through the 5 steps to help you build the framework for a more intentional life. Sign up below to get private access to all of our freebies in the Hub!

Intentional Framework Worksheet

Are you a skimmer who likes it all spelled out?

Sign up to get the FREE worksheet + Complete said worksheet + Create your schedule =

Live more Intentionally in the day to day!

If you have ideas to share please comment below!

If you are stuck – email me – I’m here to help!

Talk to you soon,


O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul;
You have redeemed my life.

Lamentations 3:58

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I’m Not Totally Failing This 2016

  1. Wanda

    Lee, thanks for sharing how you are getting things done. It’s so easy to slip into just doing what is necessary that we miss being intentional doing those things that matter most. We’ll look back and see we checked off a lot but they were for things we cared the least. Thanks for linking up your site at the BCW directory. Always a pleasure to connect with fellow faith bloggers. Have a wonderful week.
    Wanda recently posted…The Power of OneMy Profile

    1. Lee Post author

      Hi Wanda! Thank you so much for the comment. Yes, you are so right! I have a hard time keeping it in focus so I was super thankful that the Lord is helping me work through this one! I am so excited about discovering Blogs by Christian Women, what a great resource and I’ve only scratched the surface! Thanks again.


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